Uniquely Creative Names Give Blogs a Competitive Edge

People who don’t understand the significance and importance of good blog names may ask, ‘What’s in a Blog Name’? The answer is, a lot!

Among the millions of blogs on the web, you’ll find that there are bad names, mediocre names, good names and truly awesome ones. It makes a huge difference whether you have good or bad name, as a really remarkable name will give any blog the competitive advantage it needs to be successful.

Good Content vs Brand Name

It’s really unfortunate that bloggers often put a lot of effort into the design and content of their blog, but fail to place a comparable amount of time and resources to come up with a name that literally wows their audience.

This is largely because they don’t know how a name can affect the success or failure of their rants and rambles. After all, it’s all about producing high quality content consistently, right?

Yes, content is king and that’s what propels a blog to stardom. But, the name also plays a vital role to enhance the blog’s brand, complement the content and assist visitors in remembering the site.

A Good Name Makes a Big Difference

A good name may not automatically turn a blog with weak content into a winner, but it will certainly help one with average content to compete with others in its category.

On the other hand, a poor quality name on an unexciting blog could relegate it to the ranks of mediocrity where tens of thousands of blogs struggle to find the fame they crave.

The top blogs in each vertical do not all have awesome names, and this proves that you do not need an outstanding name to be the best. However, this is no reason to be complacent when it comes to blog naming, as there’s no point wasting a brilliant opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Unless you’re a phenomenal writer with an endless stream of amazing insights into your chosen topic, it may not be a good idea to use the unexciting names of the leading blogs in your space as proof that you don’t need one that helps your blog to stand out.

Every Little Bit Helps

Blogging is very competitive, and when you’re starting out, you need all the help you can get, and your blog’s name is critically important. It plays a major role in creating awareness, attracting new visitors, engaging users and encouraging people to return again and again.

So don’t waste this valuable opportunity to differentiate yourself from all the other bloggers who are competing for the same eyeballs. You will never regret investing time to get a great name for your blog, but if you don’t put enough effort into it now, you could kick yourself for years to come.

So, what’s in a blog’s name? Some may say ‘everything’, but even if you don’t see it that way, it’s fair to say that there’s a lot more to a blog’s name than the average blogger realizes, and that should be sufficient motivation to rise above the rest and give it the attention it deserves.

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