List of 20 Awesome Names for Blogs to Give you Ideas and Inspiration

Some people learn best by seeing how things are done instead of reading the theory behind how to do it, and blog naming is one of those areas where it’s useful to review the end product to get a better feel of what’s required.

If this sounds like you, then you probably want to see as many examples of amazingly cool blog names as possible, to see what the fuss is all about.

Resonate with your Audience

Before diving into the list, it should be noted that what’s awesome to someone, may not be particularly special to another person, so names, like many other things, are a matter of taste.

So, if you’re trying to come up with a good name for your blog, you should always have your targeted audience in mind and create a name that they will find appealing, as they are the people who you want to reach, attract and retain.

Great Names are Memorable

Here are the Top 20 Blog Names that are simply awesome. Some are catchy, some are witty and others are unique, but all of them are very creative and extremely memorable:

  1. Infantastic (infant + fantastic)
  2. Passion for Fashion (passion always goes nicely with fashion)
  3. Blogue (blog + vogue = blogue)
  4. Seoul Food (ideal for a Korean food blog with soul)
  5. Saveur (savor + connoisseur)
  6. Chubby Hubby (perfect rhyming combination to describe most hubbies)
  7. Profashionelle (professional + fashion + elle)
  8. Satisfashion (satisfaction + fashion)
  9. Relationship Realities (appropriate combo with nice play on words)
  10. A Walk in the Dark (walking in the dark can’t be easy but this is easy to remember)
  11. Joystiq (joystick becomes joystiq)
  12. Hipstercrite (what do you call a hypocritical hipster)
  13. Inspired Edibles (doesn’t rhyme or have anything fancy, but just works)
  14. Meandering Musings (packed with meaning and sounds great)
  15. Write Away (a winning name for a blog however you look at it)
  16. Nerd’s Eye View (cool name, especially for a nerdy bird)
  17. Twitchhiker (Twitter + Hitchhiker)
  18. RookieMoms (great names don’t have to rhyme but should be relevant)
  19. Cot & Roll (simply perfect for rock and rolling parents)
  20. Hairtistic (hair + artistic)

Feel free to share your opinion on any of the names above and post more names of blogs (in the comments section below) that you feel should be added to this list.

Good luck in your blog name hunting!

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a great name, take a look at this article on How to Create an Awesome Name like Dunkin Donuts or read this post on 6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies.

7 thoughts on “List of 20 Awesome Names for Blogs to Give you Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Isabel Posada

    Hi! I have been wanting to create a blog but I can’t think of a name to save my life! I would love something that relates to girls my age (Junior in college-20 years old). Something like ‘We’re all human’ or about strong young women finding a place in the world. Those are too long though and I would love a short and simple name. Any ideas?

    1. Joe Post author

      Hi Isabel,

      Apologies for this amazingly late reply. Hopefully you’ve already found a great name for your blog, but in case you’re still stuck, here are a few thoughts …

      Isabel’s Insights – combine your name with another word to create a name. If you can find another word starting with ‘i’ it would make the name more special. Otherwise, go for something that’s meaningful.

      Insabel – or you could create a made up word by combining your name with another word or use some creative spelling to form a nice sounding brand name

      Some ideas and suggestions for blog names about girls coming of age and discovering life:

      Blossom & Bloom
      Spring 2 Life
      Budding Petals
      Pleated Pigtails
      We’re all Women
      Feminine Fix
      Rounded Squares
      Fitted Slots

      Tried to include a range of options. Some are way quirkier than others 🙂

  2. Nabila Heematally

    I am being persuaded by my friends to start a blog, they find that I am hilarious about my mothering duties and feel i should really express them everyone else.
    It will be about my sons and I. They are called Ayaan & Adam and I was wondering, life with AA. How does that sound or do you think it should be quirkier?

    1. Joe Post author

      Life with AA is a brilliant name. Short, memorable, meaningful and visually appealing. Easy to type too 🙂

  3. Guadalupe Arias

    Hello, I will like to open a school for teen mom’s that can learn atrade to make a feature for her and unborn child. Please give me some ideas on the name for my school

    1. Joe Post author

      Future Sparks
      Maker Moms
      The Mommy Factory
      Moms United


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