Get Cool Blog Name Ideas and Naming Inspiration from your Content

Bloggers are constantly in search for a cool name to show off their creativity. This is because a good name says a lot about you and your blog. The only problem is coming up with one.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already tried to exhaust your naming prowess – or lack of it – by sitting down and racking your head, only to get nowhere. Creating a great name is not easy, and it’s even harder if you don’t know how to do it.

It’s not just a matter of thinking hard enough. Yes, sometimes awesome names fall from the sky, but more often than not, they are cleverly architected in a methodical process.

Good Names Complement a Blog’s Content

Now, although that sounds complicated, it’s not. On the contrary, it’s common sense. Just think through how obvious it is – your blog’s name should be intricately linked to your content. As such, if you want a funny name, make sure your content is funny. Want a unique name that’s quirky? Ask yourself whether your blog’s content is strange enough.

In short, when you need naming inspiration, dive into your content to see what’s special about it, if anything. By doing this, it will automatically highlight if there are refinements needed to intertwine your name, content and overall brand together.

It’s amazing how many bloggers don’t know what they’ll be blogging about or have boring content but want an awesome name to help lift their blog. It just doesn’t work that way. Even if you do manage to get a good name, if your content is weak, your visitors will only end up being disappointed.

Work on your Blog’s Content before the Name

As the saying goes, ‘content is king’. A great name will never make up for poor quality content. So, zoom into your core appeal first to figure out how your blog will be remarkable, before working on the name. Once you have a solid content plan, a suitable name will often fall in place very naturally.

Unfortunately, people who struggle at finding a cool name normally start by trying to think of a catchy name before figuring out how their content will be appealing to their target market. This is a tough uphill climb that usually ends in an ineffective name, frustration, or both.

If you’ve been having a hard time naming your blog, try taking a different approach and spend some time reflecting on what you’ll be posting, who you’re trying to attract, and whether they sync together nicely.

By focusing on what your audience likes and how you’re going to strike a chord with them, you should get good naming ideas to complement your content.

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