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101 Creative Mommy Blog Names: Learn How to Come Up with a Catchy Name for your Blog

You’ve decided to dedicate the few quiet moments in a day towards writing a parenting journal but just can’t think of a cool name to differentiate yourself from all the other mommy bloggers right?

Since you haven’t just gone with the best option on your shortlist, it probably means you had some pretty dismal choices on that list, or you’re determined to find a uniquely catchy name that’s frothing with creativity.

Well, hopefully you’ll get the ideas and inspiration you need from the following list of 101 mommy blog names that have been compiled to showcase the different ways a meaningful and memorable name can be created.

As you will notice, good names come in various lengths, styles, descriptiveness and quirkiness. You can focus on yourself as the blogger (Running Mom of 4), your kids (Tiny Finger Prints), both (Moms & Munchkins) or how your life as changed after becoming a mom (From Prada to Payless).

There should be a handful or two of names that you like. Make a list of them.

  1. So Very Me
  2. A Mothers Heritage
  3. Pinks My Ink
  4. Caffeinated OC Mommy
  5. Not So Silent Mommy
  6. Insignificant at Best
  7. Scattered Musings
  8. Misadventures in Motherhood
  9. A Sailors Valentine
  10. Momfever
  11. Tiny Finger Prints
  12. Life With Two Boys
  13. Nap Time Is My Time
  14. Tidbits From A Mom
  15. Miss Mommy
  16. Life Not Finished
  17. Mommy Only Has 2 Hands
  18. Filling Our Bucket
  19. From Board Rooms to Bounce House
  20. Spilled Milkshake
  21. The Mama Pirate
  22. Lemondrops Dream Too
  23. Housewife in Town
  24. Moms Point of View
  25. For the Love of Boys
  26. Enlightened Opportunities
  27. A Little Piece of Me
  28. Living for Later
  29. Not Just A Mummy
  30. Our Little Bubble
  31. Four-Legged Mom
  32. A Godly Homemaker
  33. Just A Mom With A Camera
  34. Girliemom
  35. Mamas Musings
  36. Organized Chaos
  37. Moms Who Wear High Heels and Swear
  38. Cocoons 2 Butterflies
  39. The Butterfly Mom
  40. One Shoe Parenting
  41. Purple Chronicle
  42. From Prada to Payless
  43. Little Miss Nerd Girl
  44. Lynsey The Mother Duck
  45. Ribbons Undone
  46. Sticky Little Fingers
  47. Baby Feet & Puppy Breath
  48. Catching Lifes True Bliss
  49. Tickle the Sun
  50. RetroFlirt
  51. Momma Bear
  52. Making Sense of a Busy Mess
  53. Overheard from My Backseat
  54. Musings of a Plus Sized Mom
  55. Eternally Significant
  56. Dear Anya
  57. Moms & Munchkins
  58. Making Our Life Matter
  59. Mom-ology
  60. My Bizarre Family
  61. Mom in the Muddle
  62. My Twintastic Life
  63. Long Island Chick
  64. The Domesticated Neurotic
  65. Southern Stay-at-Home Momma
  66. My Manic Moments
  67. The Seaman Mom
  68. Mommies In Orbit
  69. Rediscovering Our Family
  70. First Comes Baby
  71. For Their Tender Hearts
  72. Suburban Mum
  73. Dont Mess with Mama
  74. Dragonflies At Dawn
  75. Mom Uncensored
  76. My Boys and Their Toys
  77. Exceptionalistic
  78. Boys Oh Boys
  79. The Mommy Island
  80. Momma Goose & Gaggle
  81. Chatter from a Single Mom
  82. Mommyknowz
  83. Broke-Ass Mommy
  84. Nugget On A Budget
  85. Simply Sherryl
  86. Dinky Monograms
  87. Pigtails & Pearls
  88. Chikadee Creations
  89. Chaos Organized
  90. Raising Hunter Lane
  91. Joys Of A Wife And Mom
  92. Flip Side Mom
  93. Running Mom of 4
  94. Brownies and Bananas
  95. Mamamusing
  96. Hiccups and Sunshine
  97. Mommie Again
  98. Momma Roars
  99. Silly, Serious, and Inbetween
  100. Mommy Dreaming
  101. Mom in Training

Now review the names you’ve highlighted and try modifying them to include words and elements that are relevant to you or your blog. Instead of ‘Mom in Training’, perhaps yours might be ‘Mommy in the Kitchen’. If you feel ‘Hiccups and Sunshine’ is cute, perhaps you can adapt it to ‘Stumbles and Rainbows’. Feel ‘Organized Chaos’ is a good fit? How about ‘Chaotic Calm’?

Have another go at choosing a name for your blog using this approach. It should be a lot easier than just staring at your laptop screen and hoping it will magically appear. Good luck.

Big List of 58 Teaching Blog Names to Give Teachers Creative Naming Ideas

Are you a teacher, educator or someone from the teaching industry who has recently decided to start a blog? Or perhaps you’re just thinking about it. Well, the first thing you will need is a great name, and to find the perfect one, it helps to get lots of ideas first.

Most people don’t really have a clue about what makes a catchy name. Even teachers. They just don’t teach you the art of naming at school. So, you should take a few moments to figure out the basics, which can easily be done by reflecting on some names that you like and identifying what’s special about them.

From the following list of 58 teaching blogs, there is a wide spread of naming styles that have been used to come up with meaningful names that instantly communicate what the blog focuses on, or some characteristic of the blogger behind it.

For example, ‘The Frugal Teacher’ or ‘Momma Teacher Lady’ lets you know a bit about the writer, but you don’t know what grade she teaches or the angle of the content they publish.

On the other hand, ‘Third Grade Love’ or ‘5th Grade Tomfoolery’ gives you insights into who’s in the blogger’s classroom and what lens the blog looks at them through.

You will also notice slightly more boring names that simply get to the point (ie ‘4th and 5th Grade Blog’) as well as more sophisticatedly creatives names like ‘Minds in Bloom’, ‘Rainbows within Reach’ and ‘Conversations in Literacy’.

  1. Kinderglynn
  2. Faithful in First
  3. The Frugal Teacher
  4. Momma Teacher Lady
  5. The Organized Classroom
  6. Sunny Days In Second Grade
  7. Secondary Solutions
  8. Oh The Places We Will Go
  9. Minds in Bloom
  10. 3rd Grade Gridiron
  11. The Wise Owl Factory
  12. Second Graders Rock!
  13. Happy Middle Schoolers
  14. Teach Beside Me
  15. Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
  16. Kinders on the Block
  17. Two Can Do It
  18. Can Do Kinders
  19. Rainbows Within Reach
  20. Confessions of a Daydream Believer
  21. Devotionals
  22. Oodles of Teaching Fun
  23. First Grade Fanatic
  24. Circus of Learning
  25. Maggies Kinder Corner
  26. Third Grade Love
  27. One House Schoolroom
  28. Elementary Matters
  29. Innovative Connections
  30. 3rd Grade Thoughts
  31. Learning is Something to Treasure
  32. A Series of 3rd Grade Events
  33. Life on the Fourth Floor
  34. Expat Educator
  35. Teaching, Dreaming, Learning
  36. 4th and 5th Grade Blog
  37. Conversations in Literacy
  38. First Grade Delight
  39. Krazy about Kindy
  40. Surfin Through Second
  41. The Teachers Chatterbox
  42. 5th Grade Tomfoolery
  43. The Busy Busy Hive
  44. Technology in the Classroom
  45. Always A Lesson
  46. Fifth Grade Fancy
  47. Learning is a Journey
  48. Hoppin in First Grade
  49. Fun in 1st Grade
  50. Tales of a Fifth Grade Teacher
  51. Little Learning Lovies
  52. Realistic Teacher
  53. Looking From Third to Fourth
  54. Hands-On Happiness
  55. Flip Floppin Through
  56. Miss, Hey Miss!
  57. Active Readers and Writers
  58. I Run Read Teach

So, what’s the best naming technique you should go for?

The bottom line, is it depends on who your targeted readers are, and what types of posts you’ll be publishing. Both of these elements will shape your blog’s brand, and this will help you decide on an appropriate naming strategy.

Get Cool Blog Name Ideas and Naming Inspiration from your Content

Bloggers are constantly in search for a cool name to show off their creativity. This is because a good name says a lot about you and your blog. The only problem is coming up with one.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already tried to exhaust your naming prowess – or lack of it – by sitting down and racking your head, only to get nowhere. Creating a great name is not easy, and it’s even harder if you don’t know how to do it.

It’s not just a matter of thinking hard enough. Yes, sometimes awesome names fall from the sky, but more often than not, they are cleverly architected in a methodical process.

Good Names Complement a Blog’s Content

Now, although that sounds complicated, it’s not. On the contrary, it’s common sense. Just think through how obvious it is – your blog’s name should be intricately linked to your content. As such, if you want a funny name, make sure your content is funny. Want a unique name that’s quirky? Ask yourself whether your blog’s content is strange enough.

In short, when you need naming inspiration, dive into your content to see what’s special about it, if anything. By doing this, it will automatically highlight if there are refinements needed to intertwine your name, content and overall brand together.

It’s amazing how many bloggers don’t know what they’ll be blogging about or have boring content but want an awesome name to help lift their blog. It just doesn’t work that way. Even if you do manage to get a good name, if your content is weak, your visitors will only end up being disappointed.

Work on your Blog’s Content before the Name

As the saying goes, ‘content is king’. A great name will never make up for poor quality content. So, zoom into your core appeal first to figure out how your blog will be remarkable, before working on the name. Once you have a solid content plan, a suitable name will often fall in place very naturally.

Unfortunately, people who struggle at finding a cool name normally start by trying to think of a catchy name before figuring out how their content will be appealing to their target market. This is a tough uphill climb that usually ends in an ineffective name, frustration, or both.

If you’ve been having a hard time naming your blog, try taking a different approach and spend some time reflecting on what you’ll be posting, who you’re trying to attract, and whether they sync together nicely.

By focusing on what your audience likes and how you’re going to strike a chord with them, you should get good naming ideas to complement your content.

List of 20 Awesome Names for Blogs to Give you Ideas and Inspiration

Some people learn best by seeing how things are done instead of reading the theory behind how to do it, and blog naming is one of those areas where it’s useful to review the end product to get a better feel of what’s required.

If this sounds like you, then you probably want to see as many examples of amazingly cool blog names as possible, to see what the fuss is all about.

Resonate with your Audience

Before diving into the list, it should be noted that what’s awesome to someone, may not be particularly special to another person, so names, like many other things, are a matter of taste.

So, if you’re trying to come up with a good name for your blog, you should always have your targeted audience in mind and create a name that they will find appealing, as they are the people who you want to reach, attract and retain.

Great Names are Memorable

Here are the Top 20 Blog Names that are simply awesome. Some are catchy, some are witty and others are unique, but all of them are very creative and extremely memorable:

  1. Infantastic (infant + fantastic)
  2. Passion for Fashion (passion always goes nicely with fashion)
  3. Blogue (blog + vogue = blogue)
  4. Seoul Food (ideal for a Korean food blog with soul)
  5. Saveur (savor + connoisseur)
  6. Chubby Hubby (perfect rhyming combination to describe most hubbies)
  7. Profashionelle (professional + fashion + elle)
  8. Satisfashion (satisfaction + fashion)
  9. Relationship Realities (appropriate combo with nice play on words)
  10. A Walk in the Dark (walking in the dark can’t be easy but this is easy to remember)
  11. Joystiq (joystick becomes joystiq)
  12. Hipstercrite (what do you call a hypocritical hipster)
  13. Inspired Edibles (doesn’t rhyme or have anything fancy, but just works)
  14. Meandering Musings (packed with meaning and sounds great)
  15. Write Away (a winning name for a blog however you look at it)
  16. Nerd’s Eye View (cool name, especially for a nerdy bird)
  17. Twitchhiker (Twitter + Hitchhiker)
  18. RookieMoms (great names don’t have to rhyme but should be relevant)
  19. Cot & Roll (simply perfect for rock and rolling parents)
  20. Hairtistic (hair + artistic)

Feel free to share your opinion on any of the names above and post more names of blogs (in the comments section below) that you feel should be added to this list.

Good luck in your blog name hunting!

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a great name, take a look at this article on How to Create an Awesome Name like Dunkin Donuts or read this post on 6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies.

Uniquely Creative Names Give Blogs a Competitive Edge

People who don’t understand the significance and importance of good blog names may ask, ‘What’s in a Blog Name’? The answer is, a lot!

Among the millions of blogs on the web, you’ll find that there are bad names, mediocre names, good names and truly awesome ones. It makes a huge difference whether you have good or bad name, as a really remarkable name will give any blog the competitive advantage it needs to be successful.

Good Content vs Brand Name

It’s really unfortunate that bloggers often put a lot of effort into the design and content of their blog, but fail to place a comparable amount of time and resources to come up with a name that literally wows their audience.

This is largely because they don’t know how a name can affect the success or failure of their rants and rambles. After all, it’s all about producing high quality content consistently, right?

Yes, content is king and that’s what propels a blog to stardom. But, the name also plays a vital role to enhance the blog’s brand, complement the content and assist visitors in remembering the site.

A Good Name Makes a Big Difference

A good name may not automatically turn a blog with weak content into a winner, but it will certainly help one with average content to compete with others in its category.

On the other hand, a poor quality name on an unexciting blog could relegate it to the ranks of mediocrity where tens of thousands of blogs struggle to find the fame they crave.

The top blogs in each vertical do not all have awesome names, and this proves that you do not need an outstanding name to be the best. However, this is no reason to be complacent when it comes to blog naming, as there’s no point wasting a brilliant opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Unless you’re a phenomenal writer with an endless stream of amazing insights into your chosen topic, it may not be a good idea to use the unexciting names of the leading blogs in your space as proof that you don’t need one that helps your blog to stand out.

Every Little Bit Helps

Blogging is very competitive, and when you’re starting out, you need all the help you can get, and your blog’s name is critically important. It plays a major role in creating awareness, attracting new visitors, engaging users and encouraging people to return again and again.

So don’t waste this valuable opportunity to differentiate yourself from all the other bloggers who are competing for the same eyeballs. You will never regret investing time to get a great name for your blog, but if you don’t put enough effort into it now, you could kick yourself for years to come.

So, what’s in a blog’s name? Some may say ‘everything’, but even if you don’t see it that way, it’s fair to say that there’s a lot more to a blog’s name than the average blogger realizes, and that should be sufficient motivation to rise above the rest and give it the attention it deserves.

To get ideas on how to name your blog, check out these 6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies.

How to Create an Awesome Name like Dunkin Donuts

Great names are really special. We know it almost instantly when we come across one, as they literally roll off the tongue and are packed full of meaning.

While it’s relatively simple to pick out good names from a pack of average and bad ones, it may not be apparent why the name is so effective.

In order to create an awesome name, a number of strategies are combined to produce something that sounds good, makes sense, is easy to understand and establishes a connection with its audience, which ultimately results in a highly memorable name.

Let’s take a close look at each of these qualities and use Dunkin’ Donuts as an example to explore these various naming methodologies.

1. Sound Good

Dunkin’ Donuts sounds great, and they taste even better! It uses a common naming strategy called alliteration to combine two words that begin with the same letter and hence are similar sounding.

At the same time, both words also have two syllables, which results in a nice rhythmical bounce when the name is pronounced.

2. Make Sense

There are lots of ways to combine words that sound good together, but it needs to make sense as well, and that’s when the process becomes more challenging.

‘Donkey Donuts’ is alliterative and has the same number of syllables but it doesn’t have much meaning. In contrast, the word dunkin’ (abbreviated from ‘dunking’ but pronounced in a similar way) may conjure images of a basketball dunk (where the hoop is donut shaped) for some people, while others may be thinking of dunking their donuts into their morning coffee.

Either way, it’s certainly a lot more meaningful than DonkyDonuts, DonutDash, DreamyDonuts, DiverseDonuts or most of the other words starting with the letter D.

3. Easy to Understand

On top of making sense, a good name should be easy to understand for the people that it’s intended to reach.

A cleverly constructed name with a deep witty meaning may make sense to its creator and those who ‘get it’, but it’s not much use if most of its target audience can’t figure out what it means.

So, to make things even more difficult, you need to keep it simple when coming up with a name that sounds good and makes sense.

4. Positive Connotation

The best names are able to convey a powerful message to its market about the underlying product in an explicit or indirect way.

In the case of Dunkin’ Donuts, a basketball ‘dunk’ is a very positive event, while dunking or dipping a donut in coffee describes how some people like to enjoy their donuts.

As you can see, a name that has more than one potential interpretation has the added advantage of resonating with people in different ways, which gives it a perfect mix of depth and breadth.

5. Choose an Appropriate Naming Strategy

The end objective of any naming strategy is to make the name memorable. This can be achieved by using a few or as many of the techniques discussed as possible.

Perfectionists may get obsessed about trying to produce an ideal name that covers all the bases by sounding good, rhyming, containing a lot of meaning, is funny, clever, witty and brimming full of other elements.

This is not advisable though, as it is almost impossible to make a name work on all fronts. Most of the time, it doesn’t pay to try and be too clever. For some markets, simplicity may be best, so select a suitable strategy to increase your name’s effectiveness in connecting with its audience.

6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies

There are numerous naming strategies to create a great blog name, and once you understand some of these techniques, you’ll be able to construct a name to suit your blog’s focus and identity.

Although there are plenty of other options, here are 6 of the most effective and common ways of naming personal blogs.

The example used for each method is alliterative which makes the name even more special and illustrates what’s possible. If you can, you should try to use two words that start with the same letter, but do note that it is not necessary and if there’s no natural fit, it is often a better choice to go for words that are suitable and not necessarily alliterative.

1. Location + Name (Miami Mike)

Regardless of whether your blog has locally focused content, a common way to create a personal brand is to identify yourself with the city, town or country where you live or where you’re from.

As an alternative to the straight ‘Miami Mike’, ‘Mike from Miami’ also sounds good and places more attention on Mike rather than Miami.

2. Location + Personal Characteristic (Brooklyn Blonde)

If you would rather not reveal your name or use it as part of your blog’s name, a good alternative is to highlight one of your personal characteristics.

It may be the related to your physical appearance, your ethnic background, your political inclination, your religious beliefs or anything that you want to be identified with.

3. Personal Characteristic + Name (Gothic Gail)

A common combination is to use a personal characteristic together with your name to create your unique identity. This is particularly suitable for bloggers who want to use their own name and avoid any association with a specific location.

4. Occupation + Name (Peter the Pilot)

For a lot of people, their occupation is the most significant part of their identity, or it is the element that they would most like to feature in their online identity.

As such, names like ‘Chef Colin’ or ‘Martin the Mechanic’ are often chosen as names of personal blogs.

5. Personal Characteristic + Passion (Fat Foodie)

A blogger’s interest is frequently what the blog’s content is about, and hence that particular subject area is often a more appropriate way to base the construction of the blog’s name.

If it’s a personal blog, a good strategy is to combine some personal characteristic of the blogger (ie fat) together with the core topic or representation of the blogger (ie. foodie).

For blogs that focus on the subject matter more than the blogger, then ‘Organic Foodie’, ‘Super Foodie’ or ‘Frugal Foodie’ may be a better choice than ‘Fat Foodie’.

6. Passion + Identity (Football Fanatic)

Vertically focused blogs that concentrate on a specific topic can use another word to describe the blogger’s association with the subject matter.

For example, using ‘football’ as the topic, some possible blog names and identities for the blogger could be ‘Football Fanatic’, ‘Football Guru’, or simply ‘Football Fan’.