6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies

There are numerous naming strategies to create a great blog name, and once you understand some of these techniques, you’ll be able to construct a name to suit your blog’s focus and identity.

Although there are plenty of other options, here are 6 of the most effective and common ways of naming personal blogs.

The example used for each method is alliterative which makes the name even more special and illustrates what’s possible. If you can, you should try to use two words that start with the same letter, but do note that it is not necessary and if there’s no natural fit, it is often a better choice to go for words that are suitable and not necessarily alliterative.

1. Location + Name (Miami Mike)

Regardless of whether your blog has locally focused content, a common way to create a personal brand is to identify yourself with the city, town or country where you live or where you’re from.

As an alternative to the straight ‘Miami Mike’, ‘Mike from Miami’ also sounds good and places more attention on Mike rather than Miami.

2. Location + Personal Characteristic (Brooklyn Blonde)

If you would rather not reveal your name or use it as part of your blog’s name, a good alternative is to highlight one of your personal characteristics.

It may be the related to your physical appearance, your ethnic background, your political inclination, your religious beliefs or anything that you want to be identified with.

3. Personal Characteristic + Name (Gothic Gail)

A common combination is to use a personal characteristic together with your name to create your unique identity. This is particularly suitable for bloggers who want to use their own name and avoid any association with a specific location.

4. Occupation + Name (Peter the Pilot)

For a lot of people, their occupation is the most significant part of their identity, or it is the element that they would most like to feature in their online identity.

As such, names like ‘Chef Colin’ or ‘Martin the Mechanic’ are often chosen as names of personal blogs.

5. Personal Characteristic + Passion (Fat Foodie)

A blogger’s interest is frequently what the blog’s content is about, and hence that particular subject area is often a more appropriate way to base the construction of the blog’s name.

If it’s a personal blog, a good strategy is to combine some personal characteristic of the blogger (ie fat) together with the core topic or representation of the blogger (ie. foodie).

For blogs that focus on the subject matter more than the blogger, then ‘Organic Foodie’, ‘Super Foodie’ or ‘Frugal Foodie’ may be a better choice than ‘Fat Foodie’.

6. Passion + Identity (Football Fanatic)

Vertically focused blogs that concentrate on a specific topic can use another word to describe the blogger’s association with the subject matter.

For example, using ‘football’ as the topic, some possible blog names and identities for the blogger could be ‘Football Fanatic’, ‘Football Guru’, or simply ‘Football Fan’.

4 thoughts on “6 Awesome Sounding Blog Naming Strategies

  1. nishitha

    can i get a name for my blog which is about technology,science,new inventions

    1. Joe Post author

      Nishitha – If you would like some suggestions, please share as much information as possible about your blog, it’s intended audience and yourself. Also, list down any names of blogs that you really like.

  2. Naomi

    I need help my blog is about everything but the thing the people is the blog because they will be asking questions and I well answer and give advice
    I can’t come up with a good name

    1. Joe Post author

      Hi Naomi – if it’s a personal blog where you write about anything, then maybe you can base the name around your own name or some unique characteristic about you.

      Otherwise, try to identify what you’ll be writing and more importantly, why readers should come to your blog in order to find inspiration for its name.


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